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CSIRO & Industry working on improving Soybean varieties

PB Agrifood are excited for the new soybean varieties to be released late in October at the Field Day in North Queensland.

These varieties include Kuranda, Mossman and New Bunya.

Dr Andrew James and his CSIRO team has been working hard to bring new varieties to the market which are both agronomically improved and have improved qualities for end users such as Tofu manufacturers.

PB Agrifood has trialled New Bunya with Ian Morgan leading our trials.  "New Bunya performed 11% better than old Bunya and PBA791 for the December plant and 5% better against old Bunya and 15% better than PBA6785 for the January plant," Ian Morgan said.  "New Bunya, like old Bunya works really well on all planting windows and is resistant to powdery mildew and so far appears to handle wet harvests better than the older variety during the dry down."

New Bunya and Kuranda have currently been pre-released by GRDC and CSIRO on a permit only basis and before any seed is sold, an agreement needs to be signed by all farmers wanting to plant either New Bunya or Kuranda.

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