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history of pb agrifood

As grain merchants and seed specialists, PB Agrifood has effectively served the Australian grain industry for well over 40 years. During this time, the company has developed a wealth of industry knowledge and is renowned for its innovation, reliability and quality products.

In August 1973, John and Gwen Philp commenced trading as JD & GA Philp and were joined by Peter Brodie in 1979. Under this joint stewardship, and with their shared commitment to ethical dealing, the business expanded rapidly. In 1984 the decision was taken to change the business name from JD & GA Philp to Philp Brodie Grains.

In 2010, the Philp and Brodie families sold the coarse grains and pulse trading division to Emerald Group Australia along with the name.  PB Agrifood was formed and we specialise in the trading of soybeans, mungbeans, chickpeas, sunflowers, birdseeds, millets and planting seed.

PB Agrifood places a strong emphasis on service to growers and, as a result, now has a producer base extending from North Queensland to Victoria. The highly professional PB Agrifood team has an enviable reputation within the industry for its:

  • ethical business practices
  • financial strength 
  • professionalism 
  • accessibility 
  • broad knowledge base
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