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mission and values


PB Agrifood aims to provide Australian growers of selected pulses, grains and seeds with consistent, access to premium markets at fair prices.

  • The company is committed to ensuring growers receive prompt payment for their product.
  • PB Agrifoods seeks to develop a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with each farmer based on fair dealing and the corporate values listed below.
  • PB Agrifood is committed to the reliable supply of a range of high quality planting seeds to their grower group.

PB Agrifood is further committed to providing buyers with accurately graded, standards compliant product delivered in accordance with contractual obligations and in full compliance with the relevant national and international standards.

These services are delivered in the context of the following corporate values.


  • integrity
  • fairness
  • timeliness
  • reliability
  • loyalty
  • client service orientation
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