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Grain growing and marketing has been, and continues to be, an important issue with the Clapham Family and PB Agrifood. 1975 was marked by our first sale of a crop of soybeans to John Philp. The past 39 years have seen a great relationship develop between 3 generations of the Clapham Family and PB Agrifood.

Russell Clapham, Darling Downs

PB Agrifood has been supplying Non-GMO Australian soybeans to our company since 2000.  This relationship was established as our company was looking for premium quality Non-GMO soybeans.  The introduction of Non-GMO soybeans from Queensland to our company has been advantageous for their products and customers.  Our company acknowledges the importance of the supply chain from the Australian farmer to their factories.  The supply of Non-GMO soybeans to our company has increased from 215mt in 2000 to 2000mt in 2013.  Our company is a very loyal customer to PB Agrifood for our soybean products.  We wish to continue this strong relationship for years to come and are researching the possibility of supplying their food products.

Company name withheld (commercial in confidence), Taiwan

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