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PB Agrifood offers a large variety of planting seed

PB Agrifood are agents for:

  • Pacific Seeds

  • Pioneer Seeds

  • NuSeed

  • AGT


PB Agrifood is able to offer planting seed for:


PB Agrifood is a Wheat Associate for Pacific Seeds and supplies EGA Gregory, EGA Burke, EGA Wylie, EGA Spitfire and Crusader.  These products are available in Bulk, Bulk Bags and 25kg bags.

PB Agrifood is an approved Australian Mungbean Association seed producer.

Along with our warehouse in Toowoomba, planting seed is also available from our depots at Vary’s at Brookstead.

PB Agrifood has agronomists available to advise you on all your planting requirements.
planting seed

Planting Seed

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