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2023 PB Agrifood Update

We at PB Agrifood hope that you are having a good start to 2023.

The start of this year has been a busy one at PB Agrifood. Peter Brodie and the team are still hard at work, liaising with growers, working on sale and purchase contracts and undertaking receivals and processing of grain into our facilities. Our seed team have also been busy selling planting seed for the up-coming winter season.

By way of update, at the start of this year we saw our sister company Maralong Milling move from its Westbrook facility to a new site next door to PB Agrifood in Industrial Avenue, Toowoomba. This transition has been a great move for PB Agrifood, Maralong Milling and Hyfeed/PBA Feeds. Peter Brodie and the Directors, made the decision to consolidate the businesses and move the Mill into Toowoomba. The new Maralong Milling facility primarily focuses on milling soy flour, bread mixes and kibbled soy, with the flexibility to kibble various grains and legumes.

We are very excited for this new chapter as it brings all the operations together, which will improve efficiencies across the businesses. It also means that we can provide our customers and growers with all their needs from their seed to food and feed products from one central location.

Peter and the team at PB Agrifood look forward to continuing to provide you with your planting seed needs and all our services from planting to the processing of harvested grain.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Peter and the team.

Photo: New Maralong Milling processing plant

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